Artisan Kraft is committed to providing its customers with the highest and finest quality marble, limestone and cast stone products. Our products include: marble fireplace mantels, stone bathtubs, range hoods, fountains and architectural surrounds. We offer an extensive collection of those products in any style including: Italian, Antique French, Roman, Greco-Roman, Modern, Traditional, and Contemporary. Custom fireplace mantel designs, sizes and dimensions are our specialty. Customize the stone, style and design. We have set style to choose from that are of Italian, French, and American inspiration. Artisan Craft offers fine styles that are simple contemporary, yet refined or large and elaborate fireplaces that are very ornate. We are capable of designing and manufacturing products that are simple surrounds and ones that are large with over mantels. We make victorian and antique style items that are statues, tubs, and kitchen range hoods. We install in areas such as Milwaukee WI Wisconsin and Chicago, IL Illinois. Whether you prefer intricate carvings of flowers and sculptures statues or modern straight lines, we will work with you to add quality to any room in your home. Fireplace facings are the focus of any room and yours should make a statement about who you are. We will work hard to make sure that you get the best service and the highest quality bathtub, range hoods and mantel surrounds. Our attention to detail will guarantee that you will receive the highest quality products. No order is too small or too simple. Artisan Krafts is your foremost choice for stone materials that are customizable. We are proud to provide you with both premium surrounds as well as the unsurpassed service. As you look through our gallery of natural stone, it will be evident the elegance natural stone brings to your home. Let us provide you with a free custom quote on any size or style. We deliver to NJ and to NY. Fireplaces are installed in Ohio OH, MI Michigan, IN Indiana, TN, MN Minnesota Cast Stone Mantels, IW Iowa. Here is a link to our blog on marble and cast stone fireplace mantels. There are no limits to the design of the living room, bathroom and home. We are able to provide you with a CAD of your product dimensioned to your specifications. Natural stone tubs are a must for all quality homes.