Shop Granite, Marble, Travertine And More Different Bathtubs in Various Colors & Sizes

Granite bathtubs carved from solid stone. Freestanding marble tubs in various colors and sizes. Design a custom stone bathroom with matching copper sinks sale.
Marble Tub

Exclusive bathtubs offered by Artisan Kraft in various sizes and styles. Select stones like marble, travertine, and limestone. We simply make the best bathtubs.

Artisan Kraft successfully offers a myriad of bathtubs. Choose from a vast collection of marble, copper, travertine bathtubs etc. We are one of the leading suppliers of marble fireplace mantels,  caststone range hoods, granite bath tubs,  and statues.

Complete your dream master bathroom design with a luxurious freestanding marble bathtub. Our unique and exceptionally designed freestanding marble bathtubs offer an unmatched bathing experience and a dazzling appeal a traditional bathtub can’t offer.

Planning for a spa at home? Our bathtubs are perfect for a tranquil and contented spa experience. Granite tubs are great for both the indoors and for an outdoor spa. Make a bold statement in creating a bathroom retreat of ultimate relaxation with a custom slipper tub. In addition to their mesmerizing allure, they are spacious and comfortable for taking long relaxing baths.

Our bathtubs are the highest quality.  Each bathtub is hand sculpted and crafted from a solid large block of natural stone. With a spectacular appeal, our bathtubs make a perfect epitome of luxury and elegance.

Designed Just for You!

Albeit all our bathtubs are one-of-a-kind and perfect. If you prefer a different size, color, shape we will make those changes for you. If you’ve seen a beautiful travertine bathtub somewhere else and want the same for your bathroom, allow us to assist you as we create  the perfect one for you, in most.

We can customize the size, design, color, and shape of the made-to-order design. Round soaking baths are a great design feature when space is available. Otherwise, space-saving rectangular shapes are available.

You can also take a look at our bathtub portfolio to get some ideas – you can choose the exact stone color, dimensions mentioned, bathtub’s style etc. and tell us what exactly you want.

If weight is a concern Copper is a great material option. It will also save on installation costs. Even with copper, there are several finish options like hammered or smooth. Sinks can also be made in both finished. View our sale page today.

Take advantage of a FREE matching bathroom sink with the purchase of any bathtub while offer lasts. View our collection of spa-inspired bathrooms by selecting travertine bathtubs. These models are all customizable. All tubs are carved from solid stone quarried from all over the world. Beautiful copper claw foot is another choice. There are also designs with bases.

Our styles include Classic, Double Ended, Slipper, Piedmont, Soaking, and Contemporary designs. The models we carry include freestanding, pedestal, and drop-in. We are able to mix and match features and create the size, texture, and material you are interested in.

Easy Care -Maintenance

Taking care of your newly purchased bathtub is fairly easy.  With a little effort, you can retain their beauty for lifetime with by following the care and maintenance guide.

Guests of your home will be spellbound by your newly installed travertine bathtubs or marble bathtubs. We offer great delivery rates throughout the USA and the world.

On our extensive list of renowned clients you’ll find customers such as Waldorf Astoria’s, Marriott, the homes of political dignitaries in DC, just to name a few.

Need to know the price? Most pricing is listed on the website. If you need specific pricing or a formal estimate please call or email. You can also get a free quote for custom bathtubs. You can send us the details of a custom design with dimensions and model details or fill out one of our forms online. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Still have queries? Feel free to write us at or call us at 8886520106.