A Brief Guide to Cast Stone Fireplace & Mantels by Artisan Kraft Fireplaces

Thanks to the eCommerce boom, now anything and everything is available online, even fireplaces. One just needs to choose one from the website inventory and complete the purchase. And just like that, you get yourself a beautiful brand-new fireplace. Artisan Kraft Fireplaces is a well-known website that offers a unique collection of modern fireplaces and custom fireplace mantels to its customers.

Now coming to this blog, we felt that it was necessary to inform the buyers about some general information regarding cast stone fireplace and mantels to make it easy for them to understand the properties before making the purchase. 

What is Cast Stone?   

Cast stone is also known as a faux stone, precast and manmade stone. It looks like stone but our’s is fashioned from a mixture of limestone and different kinds of stones for the natural look and feel. The mixture is then put into moulds to form different shapes. There are certain varieties of cast stone that are even stronger than real stone and concrete and are used in the construction of buildings. It is both robust and lightweight which makes the installation of a cast stone fireplace very easy.

What are the Advantages of Cast Stone Fireplaces and Mantels?

Customers, often ask why choose cast stone over real stone? It is a viable question, which we would like to answer by highlighting the pros of the later.

  • Cast stone fireplace installation and maintenance is very cost-effective since natural stone involves hours of labor which increases the price
  • It is highly customizable and can be made into any design and variation that one wants unlike stone
  • Installing a cast stone fireplace is comparatively easy and less labor-intensive than natural stone fireplaces
  • Restoration of any damage is easier and affordable than its stone counterpart
  • Cast stone has a high fire-resistance 
  • It is lighter in weight than marble or granite fireplace

How to maintain a Cast Stone Fireplace? 

Cast stone is the flag bearer of customized modern fireplaces and is a popular choice among homeowners due to its easy and affordable upkeep.

  • As a day-to-day regimen one should follow a dusting routine, to keep the fireplace, mantel and range hood clean. 
  • For once in a year deep cleaning, one has to use a mild detergent and a soft brush. The stone needs to be wet first and then one can gently scrub off the smoke and ashes, following up with a water rinse. 
  • In the case of tough stains, one can use specially formulated solvents to keep it clean. It is available in stores. 

If you are tight on the budget and yet want the best looking and robust fireplace for your home, then nothing fits better than the cast stone fireplace.

The website Of Artisan Kraft Fireplaces boasts of a wide range in designs and varieties. It can cater to you with the best cast stone and marble fireplace surround areas, mantels and range hoods along with a good collection of accessories and tools for the upkeep. Any further information is available at www.artisankraftfireplaces.com.

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