A Garden Centrepiece

Have you ever wanted to decorate your patio uniquely, making it stand out among the rest in the neighbourhood, but had no idea how to go about it? If you search in the right places, you will come across beautiful stone fountains.


Fountains can be ornately carved to have multiple tiers and fabulous designs. The possible placements for them are limitless in your garden. From cherubs to a lion, to simple tiers, there is something available that will match any décor. With custom sizing you can choose exactly how you want it to look without having to settle for standard measurements or store bought garden pieces. These fountains are a great addition to any patio, garden, or yard and will match many different landscape styles.

Think about the design when you choose where to place the fountain. The sounds of the fountain’s flowing water can be relaxing. It is good to place them near a sitting area to create a relaxing Zen-like space. They can also be placed in a front yard as a nice welcome piece for guests. A stone fountain will make for great curb appeal if the front lawn is large enough. Sometimes particular fountains can be mounted on a wall so keep this in mind when drawing up the design plan for your outside space.

Ordering a stone fountain is an important step in getting what you envision. Consider hiring a professional landscaper to help with the measuring, ordering, and installation. The dimensions of your favourite fountain are customizable so be sure to get the measurements correct. Also, consider the number of tiers you would like. The fountain can be made out of travertine, marble, cast stone, or, among others, limestone. You’ll need to choose which one you have in mind as well. They are all beautiful so choose your favourite one.

Hiring a landscape designer is going to be a great help when you order a stone fountain for your property. You’ll need to have it installed properly once it is delivered. In addition, pay attention to the care and cleaning directions as you are going to want to keep you fountain beautiful all year long. There’s no doubt that once you take delivery of your new stone fountain you are going to love it.

August 11, 2016

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