Décor Tips to Complement Your Fireplace Mantel and Surround

The fireplace very often occupies a place of pride in the living rooms in homes across the Western Hemisphere. The fact that the fireplace is often located in the living room area of a home means that all visitors, be it friends or family members; have easy access to your fireplace. This is the primary reason for making your fireplace the pièce de résistance of interior décor. Read further for effective tips to do just that.

Complement Your Fireplace Mantel and Surround

Whether own an Italian fireplace made from fine marble or a cast stone fireplace that is locally sourced; it is important that you complement your fireplace mantel surround with art and décor pieces that highlight and add to the aesthetics of your fireplace.

Your fireplace has a utility value as it provides warmth in the living room area of your home. However, in the age of central heating; a fireplace is mostly inconsequential if it cannot add to the beauty of your home and if you cannot utilize this space to add to aesthetics and style of your interiors. 

As such; it is important that you get the best out of your investment in a fireplace by ensuring that it serves its purpose by raising the aesthetic value of your interiors. There are many ways to do so and there is ample space to get truly creative. However, listed below are a few popular fireplace décor tips. 

  • Complement your fireplace mantel by placing family pictures, art pieces and even miniature statuettes and collectibles on your fireplace mantel.
  • The wall space above your fireplace mantel is just the right space to hang up fine pieces of art or ornamental and decorative mirrors. In both cases, the light reflecting off the fireplace, and the shadows created by said light, is bound to bounce off the colours of a painting or the surface of a mirror, to create a play of light, colours, and shadows. 
  • Furthermore, you can complement your fireplace surround by investing in pillars and columns that can be juxtaposed beside your fireplace to add to its aesthetics. 
  • You can also choose to invest in modern or vintage fireplace toolsets that are either aesthetical or ornamental and can occupy a place of pride, in a convenient tool stand, just beside your fireplace. 

In conclusion, it is important to note that complimenting your fireplace surround and mantel is not a tough task. It is truly easy to source fireplace décor pieces and art pieces that are suitable for your fireplace area, online or even offline. 

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