Install a kitchen range hood and make your kitchen hygienic as well as appealing in a single stroke

Kitchens are the most important section of our homes. The place where all the nutrients and tasty consumables come from. Even though most people don’t usually get to visit this section, the importance of keeping it clean and orderly is immense. This isn’t as easy a task aspeople judge it to be. With all the combustion, cutting, chopping and discarding going around in the premise, maintaining the grace of the place becomes difficult.

Among the options available, two of them make the aforementioned jobs happen, simultaneously bestowing the room with a degree of attractiveness. Range hoods and sinks are the topics of discussion. These architectural marvels have proved themselves to be effective in achieving the requisites, flawlessly that too, making the decision of buying one all the more important!

Range Hoods

Invented in the 20thcentury, the very first one of these was produced by Vent-A-Hood in 1937. Cast stone range hoods are the most opted for variants of range hoods, thanks to their ability to impart both classy and trendy looks along with optimum quality durability. Plus, the fact that it is lightweight makes it a convenient option. Choosing a decorative range hood won’t compromise the intended functionality, whatsoever.Based on the looks and make of a range hood, they may be differentiated into the following two, in-demand varieties. 

  • The stone veneer range hoods flaunt precision artwork and offer a gorgeous addition to your modern kitchens. The stone detailing adds to the looks, whereas the cast stone build provides the required toughness.
  • The rustic range hoods commend well with simple, elegant and classy house designs. The flamboyance of these creations is derived from their inspiration that dates back a thousand years.

The selection amongst the categories is done based on their compatibility with the architectural design of the house. So, one needs to be considerate of this factor while making the decision of buying a range hood for the kitchen. 


Even though this addition happens to be essential, putting in a good amount of thought for its purchase is as important as the range hoods. As a matter of fact, the factors to be taken into consideration for making the decision are, more or less, the same. The following two types of sinks are worth considering before reaching a final verdict.

  • Marble sink is the generic choice owing to its durability and longevity. Also, the glossy finish of this material imparts an inexpressible charm.
  • The stone sinks are much more economically friendly. For people inclined towards a matte finish and refined composition, this option couldn’t have been any better.

Both of these sophisticated articles can be bought from Artisan Kraft. A company with a couple of decades of experience under their belt are renowned for their delicacy and intricacy with the construction of such pieces. Customization happens to be one of their specialties. Hence, if you have something envisioned for your house, no matter how small a detail, the firm assures to deliver on it. Relying on them is absolutely safe and advisable. 

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